Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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LAPD given directive not to enforce ‘no camping law’ on beach for now

The Los Angeles Police Department will not enforce the no camping law on Venice Beach for now.


During a report given to the Venice Neighborhood Council given by Nisa Kove, Field Deputy to Councilmember Mike Bonin, section. 63.44. the regulations affecting park and recreations in regards to overnight camping will not be enforced for now.


According to Kove, Chief Michael Moore and Councilmember Mike Bonin made an agreement that LAPD would not enforce 63.44 during the pandemic.


Kove told residents that Bonin’s office is listening to CDC homeless guidelines, which states it’s unsafe to have have the unhoused moved during the pandemic.


Relaxed Parking

Kove also reported that following a motion passed by the Los Angeles City Council, LADOT Parking Enforcement will extend current relaxed parking until Oct. 1, 2020. That date has been moved numerous times since the beginning of COVID19.


A Bridge Home numbers

During public discussion, a question was asked about the capacity of A Bridge Housing. Kove reported that there are currently 81 adults and 43 youth staying at the facility. The capacity of the home is 154.

Call for outreach

VNC Community Outreach Chair Sima Kostovetsky asked Kove during board discussion for a meeting between Bonin and Venice constituents. Kostovetsky said that it is evident that that the councilman needs to come to talk to his constituents.  “There are many concerns that the stake holders have that only his office can address”, Kostovetsky said. “We as a Neighborhood Council have to be the conduits between the stakeholders and the city, this can’t be a one-way conversation,” Kostovetsky added.

The last noted meeting with Mike Bonin in Venice was October 17, 2018. The meeting was held to discuss ABH.

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