Monday, October 26, 2020
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Pacific ‘hoarding’ car moves to Rose Ave beach parking

What appeared to have been a relief for drivers and nearby neighbors on Pacific Ave. and Brooks is now drawing more questions than answers.


A car parked for several weeks on Pacific Ave. drew concerns because of the number of items collected in and near the vehicle. Many of the items appeared to be unsafe and debris collected from garbage.


The vehicle was the subject of many social media posts including on Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor.


In an interview with the car owner, Scott, who permitted to be interviewed, said he uses the car to collect recyclable items. He also said he doesn’t typically sleep in the vehicle.  During the interview, several items in the vehicle were pointed out to be unsafe and or unusable.


Scott also told the person interviewing him that he moved into Venice in April in a Mercedes Sprinter vehicle. It’s unclear what prompted him to move to the area.


It’s also unclear how the vehicle was moved from the Pacific spot on Oct 10, but social media posts show that Scott first moved to the encampment on 3rd Ave. and Rose Ave. He was later seen on Rose Ave and Frederick. On Wednesday, Oct 14, the vehicle was spotted in the Rose Ave Beach parking lot.


Parking enforcement starts again on Oct 15, but according to a social media post by Councilmember Mike Bonin, anyone dwelling in their car will not be ticketed or towed.

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